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Mi Casa's personal care services range from 3-hour shifts to 24/7 care. Whether you need companionship, housekeeping, help with errands and meal preparation, or assistance with bathing, transfers, medications, our caregivers can help.


All caregiver services are structured using a Plan of Care developed by a Mi Casa Registered Nurse in collaboration with the client and/or their family.

Nursing supervision of our caregivers is an important aspect of the high quality care we're proud to provide.


Mi Casa's caregivers assist with activities of daily living, homemaking and direct personal care in accordance with an individualized Plan of Care. The Mi Casa Plan of Care specifically identifies the services and care required by the client.


The Plan of Care document is regularly updated based on changes in the client's condition, living situation and individual needs. In order to ensure that each client's needs and goals are met during every shift, our caregivers are trained to carefully follow the Plan of Care.


Our caregivers document all care provided during each shift, as well as the client's condition and response to care; these notes are regularly reviewed by a Mi Casa Registered Nurse in the interest of accuracy, proper documentation and timely follow-up. 

Download a sample Mi Casa Plan of Care (click here).                   


Caregiver Services



  • Engaging client in friendly, respectful conversation and/or activities.

  • Performing light housekeeping tasks, including cleaning (dishes, vacuuming, sweeping), changing linens and doing laundry.

  • Assisting client with using telephone, opening mail or organization.

  • Assisting client with management of correspondence.

  • Preparing and serving meals.

  • Encouraging client to eat and/or drink.

  • Monitoring client while he/she feeds themselves; feeding clients unable to feed themselves. 

  • Reminding client to use cane, walker, crutches, or wheelchair, as appropriate. 

  • Assisting client with safe ambulation and transfers. 

  • Monitoring and redirecting clients at risk of wandering, self-harm, or compromised safety (including Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease, developmental disabilities and Traumatic Brain Injury). 

Caregiver duties

may include:


  • Running errands for client (subject to mileage charges if using caregiver's vehicle).

  • Accompanying client to medical appointments and errands. 

  • Assisting with grooming and personal hygiene (including but not limited to shaving, hair care, oral hygiene, skin care and nail care).

  • Assisting with bathing/showering (in bathroom or bed).

  • Assisting with dressing or undressing.

  • Taking and recording client's vital signs.

  • Reminding & assisting with medications.

  • Assisting client with toileting and/or changing briefs.

  • Maintenance of plants and/or animals.

  • Documenting all care provided, as well as response to care.

  • Communicating changes in condition to Mi Casa nurse assigned to case. 

Mi Casa Also Offers Skilled Services
Home Visit

For every potential client interested in homemaking or personal care services, we provide a complimentary home visit in order to assess your individual needs. 


We're happy to meet with you to discuss the provision of care for you or your loved one, whether you're ready to begin receiving care right away or you're planning for the future. When conducting your assessment, we will request information related to your medical conditions and history, 

medications, insurance coverage, advanced directives, physical ability and other pertinent details. 


We're happy to schedule your visit at a time convenient for you, so please feel free to contact Mi Casa today in order to arrange your complimentary assessment!

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